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Upholstery Cleaning Partner of Villámvillany

In 20 cases, we can successfully remove the stain about 19 times. But sometimes the housewife uses a very strong “wonder cleaner”, or uses even more chemicals while trying to remove the stain. In these cases, a line could appear. This depends on the material. The same stain can come out from one material (e.g. alcantara material), but may not come out from another. There’s no guarantee that every stain is successfully removed. But our Gallery proves that we are very efficient.

The best results can be achieved on regularly maintained and not house-cleaned materials only.

Do you have cleaning warranty?

There’s no cleaner in the world that guarantees that he can remove every stain from a several year-old furniture.

You can see our efficiency in our Gallery.

upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning Cork
                upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning Cork

However, sometimes not every stain can be removed from a dirty upholstery, they become faded instead – especially if the housewife tried to do it with her home remedies (vinegar, baking soda, etc.).

Or if certain things, like greasy meat juice contaminates it.

Only the upholsterer can make new furniture out of old ones.

This means that if you order the cleaning, there’s no guarantee that every stain will be removed.

Upholstery cleaning advice:

If some accident happened, and something got spilled on the carpet or upholstery, don’t try to clean it with “wonder cleaners”, instead remove the source of the contamination and pour water on the stain.

Then proceed to mop it up, repeat until the mopped up water is no longer colored by the contamination.

But don’t scour it! A stain is not removed by physical force, but dissolved, then removed.

The fabric gets damaged by strong scouring, and this can’t be reversed.

It’s ok if the carpet or upholstery still has a stain because there’s a good chance that we can completely remove it if you don’t use chemicals.